Thoughtex is awesome, and its made by a local!

I happened to catch parts of Joseph Cooney's presentation a month or so ago on WPF (Building A Real World WPF Application), and I was amazed at how deep in terms of knowledge this guy has around the product(s).

Joseph has managed to put his money where his mouth is by building Thoughtex and it looks damn good. It's a great application and he has a solid background in using this technology and I'm looking forward to seeing more and more from this guy.

He's also caught the eye of the Adobe RIA scene with Ryan Stewart posting a great review on thoughtex so way to go Joseph!

The best part of all  is that I'm about to use Thoughtex to map out a WPF project that Microsoft Australia and a few partners are working on, so we are dogfooding his creation as we speak.

If you have a WPF application in the wild, let me know as I'm extremly keen to see more of this!

Joseph also runs a site that all whom are playing in the WPF space need to make note of and visit as much as you can.

 Nick Hodge did an interview with Joseph and can be viewed here:

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  1. ausdev1 says:

    Hi Scott,

    Love it mate 🙂 I was checking out a whole lot of WPF resources the other day, check these out.

    The WPF Developer Center

    A great WIKI on setting up a WPF project.

    Check out the webcasts covering a huge range of topics for WPF

    . Have a look at some of the great Applications people have made using WPF

    . Post and questions and get plenty of answers on forums

    Anyway i love your posts keep it up.


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