Task: Tommorow, have lunch with co-founder of the internet.

Dr Vinto CerfA friend of mine told me Dr Vinton Cerf is in town giving a few talks and what not. Anyway, I managed to get the last seat in town for his luncheon and so I'm looking forward to hearing what Google's Chief Internet Evangelist (I wonder if all us Evangelists have secret handshakes? hehe) has to say on this whole web thing (hehe).

Seriously, I'm sure it will be a worthwhile and informative session and in many ways I'm sure it might even have a bit of a "religious" experience attached to it for the geekyness within (damn Nick Hodge and being in Sydney, this would of been a great TheGeekStories.com moment!)

If I get a chance to ask him a question, I think i'll ask him the following:

Q. Do you think the browser still has a future, given the technology today's shifting more into a blurred state between agent and data?

I still say the Browser is on life support more and more as technologies like Flex, Apollo, WPF/e, WPF and so on continue to evolve and immerge.

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  1. sweet as! scott. Will look forward to your blog regarding the lunch!!

  2. alessandro says:

    You may wish to have a look at Dr Cerf’s presentation in BrisVegas on the 8th of March – you can watch the video on <a href="http://www.newrealm.com.au">www.NewRealm.com.au </a>

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