Barcamp, *hic*

AJ and I, very talented developer and knows a lot about mapping (Google or Microsoft need to hire him!)BarCamp, an amazing encore from WebJam! I must admit, I was reluctant to go to this simply because I was lazy but I'm so glad I did.

This is a really cool approach to socialising ideas within the industry amongst some really talented individuals whom are driven by passion in what they are setting out to achieve.

Two sessions stood out for me, the first was a discussion on which is a great idea and approach to things. In that, is a spot where you can house multiple profiles of your general user information which you can then use as a single-signon for future websites that trust it as being a handshake gateway of some kind (basically similiar to Microsoft passport, Cardspace etc but opensource).

I get the idea per say, I still think though that taking the data from client-side and shifting it to server-side isn't entirely the right idea, as what I would of liked to have seen is a way for this type of concept to use Windows Vista CardSpace and Apple's key-chain somehow (ie sync the client-with server, much like a roaming profile kind of works).

Great discussion though and the reason I said no to standing up and talking more about Cardspace in that session was that I felt it would of been a much richer discussion to talk about everything but Microsoft's solution in that instance.

The second stand-out session was the talk around Mapping and how little I freaking know about this subject blew me away. It was funny in one part to have Microsoft and Google in the same room and yet no fistycuffs were thrown (goes to show that the whole hate thing isn't realistic) and the discussion was amazing to listen to.

I must admit, I had trouble keeping up with a few things but it felt like healthy and I was suprised to hear that the Australian government seems to use tax-payer funding to map our great country, only to then charge a premimum for others to use? I'm not sure if this is true or not, but if it is this would be a shame as I can clearly see from the people in the room that there is more innovation in this space yet to come.

They put the word "bar" into BarCamp! Lastly, I decided to head to the Barcamp after drinks and have a beer or two with the folks whom attended and again, really passionate and interesting people overall. I got a bit of stick being Microsoft but I felt once they heard my rants about the future of the web and all that crap, most were able to get past it and get knee deep into some healthy discussions.

It was a great day and actually enjoyed myself and well done to the folks who put it together.

(Hot Tip: If you pay for a bar-tab for folks whom attend these kind of things, be the last one in the queue to do it as last night I found that it only went to $400 so gotta be happy with that result hehehe)

Did I mention I love my job? I get paid to do this... scarey isn't it.

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  1. Hey Scott,

    It was great to meet you and have a "healthy" discussion about web. And thx for the bar tab too ;p

    See you at the next meet up.


  2. Garry Trinder says:

    No worries AJ 😉 it was an awesome night and fun!

  3. Mountain/Ash says:

    Scott. It was good to meet you and enjoy your open conversations on all things Microsoft.

    Thanks for the bundy at the Pyrmont Hotel. Spirits on a bar-tab is something you can’t have enough of.

  4. Garry Trinder says:

    No worries 🙂 glad to be able to attend and have the chance to be there and talk about all things, not just Microsoft related.

    Very cool insight into other technologies out there that I was clueless about.

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