Jordan Student reaches $1000+ in WP7 App Sales!


It’s my pride and pleasure to share with you that a Student from Jordan University has joined the “$1000 Club” – making over $1000 in sales from WP7 Apps. And this is ONLY in 3 months!

Microsoft Innovation Center in Amman hired 6 interns for the summer 2011 with the goal to “Learn WP7 on their own using MIC devices, and then publish 1 App each to the Marketplace through

Tariq Ateik, a Yemeni CS student at Jordan University, was one of the 6. In the 2 months of the internship he produced not 1 but 6 applications! Putting most on marketplace.

His application “Talking Translator,” selling for $.99 each, has already passed the 1000 downloads line! Tariq gave a session at a workshop about “Windows Phone 7 Rapid Application Development” – walking through his applications’ code and giving tips & tricks to fellow community developers.

Tariq has a host of ideas of apps for Mango – the new Windows Phone Operating System (version 7.1).


Jordan University Student reaches $1000+ from WP7 Application!


§ App published 3 months ago!

§ Priced at $.99 each download

§ Already 1000+ downloads!

§ The App (Talking Translator)

  • takes a picture
  • Turns it to Text
  • Translates to any language,
  • and then Reads it out to you!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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  1. Very useful!

    Congratulations to Jordan.

  2. cody webester says:

    i don't get why jordan is getting the credit ,, wake up , this guy is yemeni !!!

  3. Modi says:


    It's simple cody webmester cozzz that country (Jordan) has given him what our country could not

  4. hashim alkaff says:

    Allahu Akbar>Allah ikhalihum all Yemenies and reach their dreams in coming true Inshaallah>Congratulation to that Jordanian Yemeni student by his succiding on what his reach on,wishing him all the best in his life.

  5. ghaida says:


    Yemen is proud of u Tariq 🙂

  6. Khaled Balhareth says:

    as a yemeni and a friend ,, I am really proud of you

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