Jordanian Team makes it to Round 2 of the World Finals!

I was so proud yesterday seeing the Jordanian Flag on stage – as Oasys Team, the Jordan Champion, has qualified to the second round at the Imagine Cup 2011 Finals in New York!



The Jordan & the Moroccan teams are officially now in the top 18 College Teams World Wide at the Imagine Cup 2011 Finals in New York in Software Design track. This is out of 76 teams who got to the world finals, and out of over 300,000 students who participated in the competition worldwide. The Egyptian team has also qualified in the Embedded Track.

Today they do another round with the judges, and the top 6 finalists will be announced in the evening. Inshallah Khair.


Middle East Teams at the Imagine Cup 2011 Finals in New York

with Walid Abu Hadba,Vice President of Development and Platform at Microsoft

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  1. Hussein Al-Olimat says:

    Hello Guys,

    I am very proud of you wallah, best wishes 🙂


  2. Ahmad Al-nawayseh says:


    to the finals with best wishes.


  3. Anwar Al-Yousef -JUNet says:

    It is so proud for our country, JUNet wish the best for our team

  4. Mai Al-Khatib says:

    It's quite an accomplishment to get this far, Jordan team. Congratulations! And best wishes in the next rounds. I hope you make a demo about your work in GJU when you come back home. Way to go!!

  5. Mohammad Obeidat says:


    Hope you get to the finals and best wishes 🙂


  6. Dr. safa shweihat says:

    All off Jordanians proud of GJU  students, best wishes for for the finals

  7. Tariq Al-Adaileh says:

    Best wishes for the finals… we are so proud of you… keep it up

  8. Eng. Khalid Abu Hilal says:

    I am proud of all the OASYS team members, my son Monir Abu Hilal from PSUT and his friends from GJU and Petra, Congratulation.

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