Imagine Cup Jordan 2011 – Round 1 Results are out!

We had a tremendous and exciting 2 days last week as we listened to the Imagine Cup Round 1 presentations. The creativity, IQ, and hard work was clear and inspiring – using cutting edge technology from Kinect, Cloud, and Windows Phone 7. From over 300 registrants and 30 teams this year, only 6 teams will go to Round 2. These teams are listed below.


I want to give special thanks to Jordan University for Science and Technology, especially Dr Mohammad AlHammouri and Dr Monther Dowairi, for hosting the competition there. And big thanks to the 3 judges of round 1 who spent 2 full days giving valuable feedback to the contestants and doing the tough job of evaluating them: Dr Ahmad Taani from Yarmook University, Dr Fawzi Al-Mulqi from MoICT, and Mr Maher Abu-Leil from Nuqul Group.

Round 2 will take place at the El-Hasan Science City, Saturday April 16th 10am-3pm. The presentations are open for the public.

The round 1 winners:

- U of Petra, Imaginsts

o An inexpensive solution for paralyzed people to control computers


o Also an inexpensive solution for paralyzed people to control computers

- JUST, KinectSL

o Special imagine-processing algorithm to analyze Sign-language and translate it using Microsoft Kinect

- U of Petra, Guardians

o Children protection bracelet

- JUST, Kine (Physical Therapy)

o Inexpensive Physical Therapy solution using Microsoft Kinect

- PSUT, Mimix

o Sign-language translator using Computer or Windows Phone 7

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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