10 Things Students must do

Do you want to be connected to the latest technology? know about new Developer & IT products early enough to utilize them? Then here’s a 10-point test you can take to determine if you’re ready:

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  1. zenwalker says:

    Quite good tips for the students.

    Now perhaps wud be good to write same tips for experienced developers may be for 2+

  2. uday shankar says:

    Real good because except for the MSJOrdan tech i have already done the rest and have benifited in learning a whole lot new and amazing technology.

  3. safa zghoul says:

    with this point.. really i'm not an IT student.

    but really i will participate to all of those ,,,

    thanks alot Ms amhad

  4. Ahme Barqawi says:

    Great tips….

    And the best thing i got from Microsoft when i was a student is dream spark account https://www.dreamspark.com

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