The latest version of SMS Organizer reimagines mobile messaging

Machine learning and big data are revolutionizing the simplest of everyday applications and platforms. Perhaps the most conventional everyday platform is SMS. SMSes have been around since the days of the feature phone. Deeply rooted in traditional mobile computing, 800 million people use the platform daily. However, nearly 95% of these messages are spam or promotional communication generated by machines.

With every store, vendor and brand trying to reach and engage users with constant SMS updates, it’s easy to lose track of essential information in the sea of spam.

To address this challenge, the Microsoft Garage team had been hard at work on the Bing Hackathon Award winning smart SMS app - SMS Organizer. The SMS Organizer was built from the ground-up to reimagine the messaging platform. The easy-to-use and lightweight app uses sophisticated machine learning to sort through messages and make sure users get through to the most important ones. Now, the latest version of this smart app goes a step further to enhance mobile messaging.

Here’s what you can expect from the latest version of the smart SMS Organizer app:

Spam Cleanup

Spam messages are not only annoying but they also clutter the inbox making it harder to find truly important SMSes. With ‘Spam Cleanup’ deleting useless messages is as simple as clicking a button.

Smart Reminders

SMS Organizer’s cutting-edge algorithm can separate a message and pick up essential information. The algorithm goes further to dig beneath the surface and catalog dates, times, appointments, and addresses from a stream of messages.

Quick Actions

The benchmark for mobile efficiency is the number of clicks it takes to complete any task within an ecosystem. Quick actions reduce the number of clicks for any action relevant to a specific message. The app’s algorithm can, for example, read a message that confirms your flight to a new city and help you book a cab at arrival with a single click.

Free SMS

SMSes are locked to the legacy network operated by specific mobile carriers. By sending messages over the Internet, SMS organizer makes text messaging free and effortless.

Dark Theme

The new ‘Dark Theme’ allows users to reduce the glare from their mobile screens and read through the messages with comfort at night.

Backup & Restore

A quick backup and restore feature ensures you never lose essential information or data from your inbox.

With the new and improved SMS Organizer, the Microsoft Garage team has raised the bar for a smart and efficient messaging platform. Going forward, the team will continue to push the envelope to expand the capabilities of mobile messaging platforms. Finally, the team envisions a smart app that can handle every essential task related to information within SMSes. From managing finances based on data mined from messages to supporting mobile search and deeper integration with mobile browsers, it will create a comprehensive window of users’ lives on SMS.

The SMS Organizer App is available on the Play Store.

Comments (5)

  1. Ravi says:

    Rules is the another important feature which you had missed to mention and that’s the feature I like most in the latest version. This feature(can be found under settings) allows deleting the OTP messages, blocked and promotional messages based on the rules user sets.

    1. Amit Bing says:

      Hi Ravi, Thanks for the feedback. We will take a look and see how can we make it more visible. Thanks SMS Organizer Team

  2. Carlos Pereira says:

    why this application isn’t available outside US?
    In portugal isn’t available for install on playstore.

    Best regards,

    1. Amit Bing says:

      Hi Carlos, As of now we are focusing on India market, the app is only available in India. We are contemplating launch for US market but nothing is final as yet. Also there would be bunch of compliance issues which we need to sort out before we go live. Thanks SMS Organizer Team

  3. Joydeep Kumar Mitra says:

    It would help if we could have a numerical badge on the app icon. So that, even when the app is not open, we would know instantly how many messages have piled up. Pl see to this.

    Otherwise this app is miles ahead of the stock android app. 👍

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