Using MSM from Security update 971090 and 973673 as prerequisite to create MSI, minor update would not work

 MSI Log


MSI (s) (80:28) [12:21:51:453]: SELMGR: Removal of a component from a feature is not supported

MSI (s) (80:28) [12:21:51:453]: SELMGR: ComponentId '{9BFFB8F8-F55F-10B2-C01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}' is registered to feature 'Policy', but is not present in the Component table. Removal of components from a feature is not supported!


- Open the Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm files "before above mentioned update" and "after above mentioned update" in Orca and view the component table of both.

- We will see some of the Component IDs are missing in later version as shown.

-This will run feature in advertise mode and it would not get installed.  


We won’t get any error during update install However during launch of application  it would run resiliency to rollback




-Use VC redistributable in place of Merge module

- For creating Minor upgrade correctly we would not include New version of ATL and CRT MSM in our Prerequisite. Use the same version of libraries which were included in previous version of MSI application

-InstallShiled does direct linking and would pick the latest version of the merge module build from the machine. We need to make sure we correct it either by manually selecting older version of MSM

Or uninstalling new MSM from the build machine to make sure that we ship same version to both older and newer MSI



CONTENT : Gaurav Bodar

REVIEW    : Ravi Shankar

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