VS2010 Setup project – Migration from VS2008 does not work with Upgrades

Symptom Migrated a Setup project from VS2008 to VS2010 and set RemovePreviousVersion=True so as to effect a Major Upgrade. The MajorUpgrade finishes with files being removed from the application folder. Cause Component GUID’s are changed when setup projects are migrated from VS2008 to VS2010. InstallValidate marks components to be installed locally, RemoveExistingProducts that run at…


ClickOnce – .net 4.0 errors: "Deployment manifest is not semantically valid" and "Deployment manifest is missing <compatibleFrameworks>"

Team Build 2010 is being used to build the deployment manifest for a .Net 4.0 application to be deployed via ClickOnce. The application manifest is being built using mage.exe After the application and deployment manifests have been built successfully application is attempted to be installed, it comes up with error Error Message: ERROR SUMMARY                …


ClickOnce – File accociations are lost upon progrmmatic updates to ClickOnce on Win 7 X64

File associations created for ClickOnce applications are lost only on Win 7 X64 bit machines upon a programmatic update. Bug in ClickOnce due to Registry reflection disabled in Win 7. Programmatic updates with ClickOnce run under Wow64 on Win 7 X64 and cannot write the registry information for the file associations under the 64 bit…


VS Setup project – vsdraCOM sets codebase in registry to point to the SourcePath

Using VS Setup project to deploy an application that uses COM component. The COM component is being registered by setting vsdraCOM. When the application is installed on the target machine the registry codebase for the COM component is pointing to the sourcepath.   Using VS Setup project to deploy an application that uses COM component….


ClickOnce — TargetFrameworkVersion

Issue: =============== Though the ClickOnce application is set to ToolsVersion=”3.5″ and the TargetFrameworkVersion is v.3.5 we see that when building with TFS 2010 the manifest includes the following dependency     <dependency>     <dependentAssembly dependencyType=”preRequisite” allowDelayedBinding=”true”>       <assemblyIdentity name=”Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime” version=”4.0.30319.0″ />     </dependentAssembly>   </dependency>   By including the above dependency we are making .NET…


MSI: Using regasm to register COM may cause resiliency during application launch

Building an installer for an application in VS2005. The application consists of several dll projects and merge modules with third party references. After the installer has been built and the application installed. Launching the application brings up a series of Windows Installer resiliency that continues for a long time before the application is finally launched….


Windows Installer 4.0 – MSI that installs data files under System Protected folders does not remove files upon uninstall.

Installing data files (.mdb) into System Protected folders (Program Files, System32 etc..) on Windows Vista machines as Standard user. Upon uninstall the data files appear to be removed, however when a new version of the application is installed the older data files are still referenced by the application.   Due to file virtualization on Vista,…


MSI: Unable to elevate an uninstallation via ARP in Vista

  MSI built using WiX Installer consists of Actions that require elevation.   The CustomActions are not designed to run under SystemContext. The installation/uninstallation will have to be done using an Admin command prompt. The uninstallation using Add/Remove Programs will not work due to it being not elevated.   WiX does not generate a bootrapper…


Native Custom action dll fails to build on x64

when you changed the build environment from Win32 to x64 and tried to build the setup project Its giving Error the Visual studio 2005 always complained the error message “Entry point ‘xxxxxx’ not found in module ‘xxxxxx’ for custom action ‘Primary Output from xxxx’ ” and stopped the building. -If you are using VS 2008….