Enable Remote Desktop Connection through Windows Firewall Remotely

This article by John Howard is priceless. Windows XP SP2 configures the firewall settings so that remote desktop is unacessible. My wife installed a fresh OS today and wanted to TS (which is a slang from Remote Desktop) from home but instead she had to drive to work and phisically be at the computer console to enable the port. Now, thanks to John, we are through with that little inconvenience.

Summary: get psexec utility from SysInternals. Then psexec <yourmachine> cmd, followed by netsh firewall set portopening protocol=TCP port=3389 name=TS mode=ENABLE profile=DOMAIN

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  1. TravisOwens says:

    I keep psexec in my toolbox of goodies but it never crossed my mind to use it to admin the XP firewall, great tip!

  2.  TRULY

     Understanding ViewState [Via: InfinitiesLoop ]


     Video – Using the Atlas…

  3. Sharif M says:

    great post. solved a problem I was having with a client’s pc which I joined to a domain remotely then lost contact due to windows firewall ignoring previously set exceptions.



  4. Misha Pilip says:

    Misha hello,

     I  am ‘trahayus’ with my Windows XP tryting to enable remote connection. After searching for "enable remote desktop connection"  I’ve got to your blog.  So, when I go to System->Remote I see only "Remote Assistence" part without "Remote Connection".

     What should be my next step ? Sincerely Misha. 408-3496256

  5. irfan says:

    i need help about Remote Connection

  6. miztiik says:

    i would like to use psexec for remote login into remote servers using uid and pwd can you help me

  7. DT says:

    After changing the firewall settings (as described above), is it possible to set "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" with psexec or any other means?

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