NewsGator and VSTO Outlook support

Until recently people had "tough" choice to make - in your Outlook either run NewsGator or Outlook COM Add-ins with VSTO support. Both of these did not work together. This is because NewsGator did not support .NET Fx 2.0 which is required by VSTO.

Now .NET Fx 2.0 is supported by NewsGator and the issue seems to be resolved. But I still wonder whether NewsGator could use VSTO loader in the future? Then they will run in their own AppDomain without stepping on the toes of other managed Outlook COM Add-ins.

Thanks to Andrew Coates for keeping an eye on this.

Comments (2)

  1. Sue Mosher says:

    I doubt that we’ll see NewsGator using the VSTO-O loader any time soon, since it supports only Outlook 2003.

  2. Sue,

    You are right, of course. It is being positioned as only supporting Outlook 2003. It has been also tested only on OL 2003. But I have this perception of the loader to support COM Add-ins in every possible Office application. After all I wrote it this way. I will blog about this later.

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