Spaces in SmartTag.Terms collection

When you add non-terms into the SmartTag.Terms collection do you expect those terms to be recognized? If you do this is a false expectation. The simplest code to add a SmartTag to a Word document looks like this: private void ThisDocument_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e){    SmartTag st = new SmartTag(“”, “Foo term”);    st.Terms.Add(“foo”);    st.Terms.Add(“One Two”);    Action…


Getting help on VSTO topics

This post is prompted by a comment left yesterday on my blog. The comment was quite big in size. It went something like this – “my assembly has an ActionsPane and can not be loaded, here is the error message I am getting …. “. This brief introduction was followed by 300 lines of the…


managed addins support in Office 12

At the PDC we have announced support for managed Add-ins across most Office applications. Superficially it is not real news considering today we already have “Shared add-in” project. This project type is there since Visual Studio .NET and this thing is still alive for VS 2005. However, the devil is in the details and when facing…


Back from PDC

I am back from PDC and I can finally post to my blog! I was not able to do it from LA because 2 weeks before PDC I accidentally ran over my laptop with my van. No surprises here – the laptop is quite useless now. So in LA I had access to computers only at the…


VSTO PDC sessions

PDC is just in a week and I will be there. I will present during the preconference with Eric Carter and Andrew Whitechapel. The reason three of us are doing this session is because it is 6 hours long! Since we all work directly on the VSTO code base, get ready for deep coverage and…


VSTO security – I often do not get it

Fabulous world of VSTO security still puzzles me after living in it for the past 3 years. Isn’t it especially remarkable since I almost memorized the code that builds the security policies for VSTO? So, here goes my little rant to Peter aka the mastermind. Since Peter is a visionary he anticipated the rant almost…


I’ve got a nice piece of furniture in my office

Eric Lippert could not pass on the opporunity to mess with the guts of C# v3. Which is good for Eric, not so good for VSTO team. Eric is an exceptional developer and he is one of the main reasons we take pride in the VSTO code base. He is tireless advocate of doing things…


Getting plain VSTO ActionsPane to work.

Adding programmable task pane aka ActionsPane with VSTO is a piece of cake. All you really need to do is just add controls to the ActionsPane object using the familiar WinForms paradigm. Here is how you would show a button on the task pane in Word. Globals.ThisDocument.Controls.Add(new Button()); This code produces less than sofisticated task…


Back from vacation. ActionsPane, Part 0.

I took some time off from work for a family vacation. We spent our relaxation week on Vancouver Island in Canada. Here is more info since already couple of people have asked. The place we stayed at is called Beach Acres in Parksville, BC. We rented an ocean view unit with kitchenette and 2 bedrooms….


NewsGator and VSTO Outlook support

Until recently people had “tough” choice to make – in your Outlook either run NewsGator or Outlook COM Add-ins with VSTO support. Both of these did not work together. This is because NewsGator did not support .NET Fx 2.0 which is required by VSTO. Now .NET Fx 2.0 is supported by NewsGator and the issue…