Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start (Online Course)

This two-day course is specially tailored for developers looking to leverage C#/XAML to build cool apps and games for Windows Phone 8. Clearly, this platform is another leap forward in Microsoft’s overall mobile strategy and the developer community has taken notice. Now is the time to embrace your opportunity and start building Windows Phone apps….


Best New Features In Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" Coming This Fall!!

What’s all the buzz around “Mango” for Windows Phone 7.5?  We can hardly wait until this Fall to see all the new features!  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things to look forward to: Internet Explorer 9 includes with hardware acceleration with lightning fast speed! Enhanced communications capabilities including Windows Live Messenger integration Speech-to-text SMS…

Free E-book - Windows Phone 7

Check out the e-Book, “Designing for Windows Phone 7” published by Avlade, a sales partner for technology companies.  This 89-page book is full of many lessons and awesome content for WP7 development.  Check it out online now and start designing!

Browse Nearly 16,000 Windows Phone 7 Applications Online!

Check out WindowsPhoneApplist for an online list of all Windows Phone 7 applications.  With nearly 16,000 applications to choose from, this site allows you to filter by release date, price, customer rating, and the following categories:   –          Books & Reference –          Business –          Entertainment –          Finance –          Games –          Health & Fitness –          Lifestyle…

Mobile Devices, Smart Phones and the rise of the Mobile Web

I’ve recently found myself discussing more and more about the increasingly important of mobile as a preferred device. IDC recently released a report on world-wide smartphone growth and last year MIT Technology Review released a report on how The Mobile Device Is Becoming Humankind’s Primary Tool. Both highlight how the take up, usage patterns and…