MEA Cloud Camp featuring Scott Guthrie

Its tomorrow ! Experience Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC 5, Visual Studio 2013 and more in MEA Cloud Camp. No matter if you are a student, a developer (beginner or professional) or an IT Specialist this event is definitively a must-attend! The online event titled MEA Cloud Camp will feature a keynote from the Windows Azure CVP himself…


Top 5 reasons to use Team foundation Service (by Brian Keller)

Brian Keller (Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft Corp) is presenting the top 5 reasons to use the new cloud based Team Foundation Service Brian’s video : click here Top reasons are : #5: We host your source control for you in the cloud for you to access anytime, anywhere. You can pick from either a traditional,…


ALM Summit 3 Videos are now available on Channel 9

In case you missed ALM Summit this year, the videos are now available on Channel 9 *Update* Slide decks also available here ALM Summit 3 keynotes and sessions provide deeper insight into the modern application lifecycle. Learn about industry best practices that address your development challenges, and how Microsoft’s ALM solution can enable and…


Understanding IntelliTrace in Visual Studio

IntelliTrace debugging is like watching a video of the stage play. You can fast-forward past the boring parts and rewind if you missed something. The one thing you can’t do is change what is happening since it has already happened in the past. You give up controlling the actors in favor of controlling the timeline….



We are excited to announce the availability of the CTP of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2, as it bring forwards a number of improvements for the XAML developer. The following are some of the key improvements you will find in this release: WPF, SILVERLIGHT AND SKETCHFLOW SUPPORT IN BLENDBlend for Visual Studio now support WPF, Silverlight…


Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C# (Free online course!)

Ready to make money and share your great Windows 8 app ideas with the world?  Not sure where to start?  Start here!  Over the course of 34 lessons, our friend Bob Tabor from will teach you the fundamentals of Windows Store app development by walking you through building the Contoso Cookbook Hands On Labs.  Bob provides…


Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start (Online Course)

This two-day course is specially tailored for developers looking to leverage C#/XAML to build cool apps and games for Windows Phone 8. Clearly, this platform is another leap forward in Microsoft’s overall mobile strategy and the developer community has taken notice. Now is the time to embrace your opportunity and start building Windows Phone apps….


Announcing RC of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5

We are so excited to announce…..   Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate (RC), Team Foundation Server 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5 is now available for download from the Visual Studio product website.   The next release of Visual Studio will be officially called Visual Studio 2012.   There is also a new Visual Studio logo. The logo features…

MSDN Provides More than 3,500 Code Samples for Developers!

The Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is a free, centralized code sample library driven by developers’ needs. The goal is to provide typical code samples for all Microsoft development technologies, and reduce developers’ efforts in solving typical programming tasks. The team listens to developers’ pains in MSDN forums, social media and various developer communities. They then…

The Windows Phone 7 Student Hackathon… Are you up for the challenge?

Microsoft Gulf presents the Windows Phone 7 Student Hackathon… The Windows Phone 7 is set to make an impact in the Gulf pretty soon, and this is your chance to make a mark as a developer for the Gulf. To encourage all the young and talented aspiring developers, Microsoft is proud to host a Windows…