Java development with Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online (VSO) is the cloud-hosted toolset to organize, build, test, deploy and report on your software project. As a Java developer (or open source), you are probably wondering why you should use this solution, let me give you few answers

  • Cross platform / all languages

    • You can write code in Java or any other language using any IDE and fully leverage the capabilities of Visual Studio Online

  • Git/Github is great but will not support you enough

    • You can keep your code in Git/Github and use Visual Studio Online for all the other processes. GitHub is great with some nice features like collaborative code review but you have the same capabilities in VSO (if not better like the team management) with a fundamental difference: traceability and predictability

  • Traceability is the foundation

    • VSO will connect the dots between the requirements, the project management, the source code, the versions, the defects and the tests. VSO (or TFS for the on premise version) is by far the best (if not the only) candidate to support any organization looking to regroup all the important project artefacts in one place.

    • By using VSO today, you will get a full traceability on what is happening in your project starting from any angle (requirements, project, code, defect, test…)

  • Move to Predictability by controlling the quality

    • Quality is not a “phase” or a “campaign” in the project cycle, it’s something that is diffused from requirements (bad alignment), project management (wrong estimation or no control on the team capacity), code (bad quality), test (not enough or wrong functional and performance tests) or defect (no prioritization)

    • Tests are the best way to reveal the quality but they will not increase it. It’s the combination of early tests, process (tests at the right time, get insights back to the developer, review practice, automate part of the testing effort) and coverage (code, architecture, functional, performance, mobile scenario ….) that will validate if the task closed was done the right way. To “trust” what you are tracking, you need to validate them with tests.

    • Visual Studio Online will offer you a platform to track each part of the project, integrated them, set practices and process, manage/run/automate tests and also deploy the solution (with a full release management capability)

Even if you are already using Git/Github with Jira and cruise control, you may not get the full picture on what is happening in your project. It is challenging to cascade down the right process and methodology without having an integrated toolset! Visual Studio Online is the answer.

Check the links below for more information and start using VSO today for your Java projects


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  1. Sean Liming says:

    Nice intro. Might want to put into a TechnetWiki for future reference

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