Code for one. Reach them all! Developer resources for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

Dear Developers,

Windows 10 is on the horizon and the excitement is building up. Through Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps, Windows 10 gives developers the opportunities to Code for one .... Reach them all!

Through this post I wanted to shared with you all a collection of resources that you can use to get started on building Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps.

Virtual Academy: A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10

Introducing the Windows 10 App Model

App Packaging and Deployment for Universal Windows Apps

Navigation and Windowing in Universal Windows Apps

App Lifecycle: From Activation and Suspension to Background Execution and Multitasking
in Universal…

Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center

App-to-App Communication: Building a Web of Apps

Windows Universal Apps Samples

Build a Windows 10 Universal App

Guide to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

Tools for Windows 10 Overview

Develop apps for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Migrate apps to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

- Ahmed

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