Azure Mobile Engagement: Engage your mobile app users with targeted push notifications and in-app messages

Hello Developers!!

Trying to keep up with Azure announcements and new features is a very demanding activity. The number of new features and enhancements just in the past year was overwhelming. Microsoft is investing heavily in Azure innovation, while focusing on solving for the needs of developers and ISVs . All of the exciting updates to enable developers of all types with the flexibility to build cloud apps and services across multiple devices and platforms. In that theme, Azure Mobile Engagement has been released in Preview mode, a new service from Azure that allows developers to drive app performance through real-time, data-driven management. 

In summary, the service allows you to do the following:

You can watch the following video that gives you a brief overview of Azure Mobile Engagement service and the benefits it provides to the app publishers/marketers

Azure Mobile Engagement is cross-platform and available for Windows, Android and iOS apps. You can get started with these tutorials here: 

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Happy coding!!

Comments (2)

  1. Chukri Soueidy says:

    Brilliant from Azure. This is an unrivaled way to improve user retention and keep your apps alive.

  2. Thanks Chukri! Totally agree with you. Glad you like it

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