Welcoming Developers to Windows 10

Hello Developers,

Yesterday was a very exciting day as we welcomed developers to Windows 10 and revealed at Build conference our plans to make Windows 10 the most attractive development platform ever.

Here are the highlights of Day 1:

Windows 10 on One Billion Devices

We shared our bold goal to see Windows 10 on one billion devices within two to three years of Windows 10’s availability – the first platform version, in any ecosystem, to be available on one billion devices.

Windows 10 Device Family

Windows Store for Consumers, Businesses, and Developers

We shared more details on what the Windows Store will offer to end-users, businesses, and developers. Developers will be able to write an application once and distribute it to the entire Windows 10 device family, making discovery, purchasing and updating easy for customers.

Windows Store in Windows 10.

Universal Windows Platform Innovation

With the Universal Windows Platform, developers can now create a single application for the full range of Windows 10 devices. The platform’s UX controls automatically adapt to different screen sizes, and the developer can then tailor applications to unique capabilities of each device.

Many partners are building amazing apps on the Universal Windows Platform. Today, we demoed USA Today and WeChat. Other partners onboard include Disney, Netflix, and King to name just a few.

Partners developingg Universal Windows apps

Windows 10 Welcomes All Developers and Their Code

Windows has always embraced a variety of technologies to build apps. At Build last year, we detailed our support for open source and popular middleware partners, open sourced .NET, and announced native Cordova support in Visual Studio.

We announced four new SDKs, enabling developers to start with an existing code base, integrate with the Universal Windows Platform capabilities, and then distribute their new application through the Windows Store to the one billion Windows 10 devices. The code bases enabled by these SDKs are:

  1. Web sites
  2. .NET and Win32
  3. Android Java/C++
  4. iOS Objective C

New tools for developers to integrate with the Universal Windows Platform capabilities

Microsoft Edge

We announced the name of our new browser, Microsoft Edge. We chose the name Microsoft Edge as it reflects our commitment to developers to deliver a browser that lives at the edge of modern web standards and security.


Here's a comprehensive blog post from Terry Myerson detailing the highlights shared above that I highly recommend you read: http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/04/29/welcoming-developers-to-windows-10/?OCID=ANNOUNCEMENTS_SOC_TW_ORGANIC_BUILD2015&linkId=13858755


Happy reading and building! And don't forget to tune in for Day 2!

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    What is the commercial release date for Windows 10?


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