Project Spartan


Project Spartan, the new browser from Microsoft is included and readily usable in the new build 10049 of Windows 10 Technical Preview. You will get this build as an update if you are enrolled in the Fast cycle. For more information on Windows 10 Technical Preview and to enroll in the program, you can use this link.

-Ask Cortana

One of my favorite features is “Ask Cortana”. You can highlight any piece of text in the webpage and right click to access Ask Cortana. Cortana then will gather relevant information about it and display the aggregated results in a sliding pane from the right side. That easy and quick!


-Detailed suggestions on the Search Bar

When start typing in the search bar, you’ll find useful information popping up instantly right under the bar to give you a quick glimpse of information about the subject you intend to search. For giving it a run, try searching for weather or a company’s stock!

-Reading List and Reading View

While visiting web pages that contains articles, the small book icon next to the address bar turns available to click and gets you to the reading view. This provides a clean, distraction free view of the article, so that you can focus on the things that matter the most. The font size and the color scheme for the reading view can be customized under settings.  Spartan also incorporates a reading list, where you can quickly add articles and websites to save them for later reading.

Reading View in action browsing Stack Overflow

-Next Page Prediction

Next page prediction which also can be enabled under settings is there to try and predict the next page of your browsing, and speed up the loading times.


-Web Notes

Web notes give you the ability to instantly take notes and draw on webpages on the go and to share them with other people. You can use highlight markers, take footnotes or crop portions of the webpage to save it all or share!

web notes

-Tabs Above Search bar

This is not a feature but rather a style aspect that I know is important for a lot of people. With Spartan the browser tabs are located above the search bar rather than under it. So if this is an important aspect for you, you’ll find it useful on your day to day work.

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