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Hello Developers and Tech Enthusiasts,

We hope you enjoyed our events - we will share new event dates after the summer!

In the meantime - why don't you check out our free online courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy (see below).

Whether you are a new developer or already an expert, this would be a great opportunity to boost your technical skills with the help of Microsoft experts - absolutely free of charge.


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March 18th

Developer Community Meet-up

Augmented Realty, OWIN

Microsoft Dubai Office, Dubai, UAE

Register here

March 29th


IoT, Azure, Cross-platform Development

Westin Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Register here

March 29th

Cloud DevCamp

Hands-on Cloud Dev workshop

Westin Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Register here

April 29th

Live Viewing Party of BUILD 2015 Keynote

BUILD 2015 Keynote

Microsoft Dubai Office, UAE

Register here

May 8-9th AngelHack


Microsoft Dubai Office, UAE Register here using code AngelHackMSDubai

June 1st

Cloud Data DevCamp

Modern data design patterns using various data platforms in Azure

Microsoft Dubai Office, UAE

Register here

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If you can’t make it to these events, you can check out our free online trainings below:


Universal Apps
Universal App Development
Universal Windows App Development with Cortana and the Speech SDK

Mobile Apps to IoT : connected devices with Microsoft Azure
Overview of all Microsoft Azure Courses

Cross Platform Development
Cross Platform Development with Visual Studio
Cross Platform Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio

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