How Modern Apps can transform your Business

Unleash the business opportunity of Modern Apps
Modern apps adapt to the needs of users by exchanging data with other apps as needed, and by providing personalized experiences, natural user interactions, and social connections from an array of device types that cloud services support.   
Organizations are unleashing the following business opportunities with modern apps:   
  •           Capturing new customers or retaining existing customers by providing engaging experiences on an array of devices to drive customer loyalty and generate revenue growth.       
  •           Expanding their offerings to the global marketplace of existing products and services to strengthen competitive advantage.       
  •           Responding more quickly to market demand by increasing business agility and obtaining more customer insights.       
Discover your business opportunity for modern apps
A successful organization needs plenty of customers. Thirty-five percent of the world’s population is already connected to the Internet through 10 billion devices, which provides a very large potential customer base. In addition, the number of devices connected to the Internet is expected to double in two years, which will create a massive opportunity for organizations that embrace the use of modern apps to support their business.   
In emerging markets, where more than 1 billion users have a mobile phone, Internet connectivity means new ways for governments to provide health-related information to their citizens, new lending and micro- financing possibilities in extremely remote and rural areas, and new ways to enable fishermen to make better informed decisions because they know the market price of the day’s catch.   
The huge volume of data (2.5 billion users x 10 billion devices x many daily activities), its variety (phone numbers, email addresses, clicks, tweets, YouTube videos, transactions, government data, and so on) and the velocity of people and goods (including location, consumer prices, customers’ moods and opinions, trends, and fashion) provide a huge opportunity for better understanding your customers’ needs and enabling your organization to respond faster and more effectively.   
Provide improved customer experiences in every app
Apps and devices provide opportunities to connect to new and existing customers in new ways. For example, natural user interaction in tablet apps that support touch capabilities and gesture interactions can significantly improve the customer experience in a variety of scenarios, from retail stores to bank branch offices. Providing a consistent customer experience and brand presence across devices and platforms can help improve customer loyalty. And providing new customer self-service capabilities and enabling new consumption scenarios can lead to an increase in top-line revenue.   
Expand market reach to tap into new market geographies
Modern apps and cloud computing provide opportunities to connect with new customers across the globe. Cloud computing can distribute modern app content to expand current business to new markets and new opportunities. In addition, harvesting data from Internet sources such as social networks and data markets provides insights to global customer behavior (for example, analyzing customer moods from social networks to improve customer service experiences or improve products).   
Improve business performance to respond faster
It’s possible to improve business performance by tapping into the growing volume of data, especially unstructured data or collections of large and complex data (also referred to as Big Data). New analytical tools provide the opportunity to understand customer and market trends by capturing, curating, storing, searching, sharing, analyzing, and visualizing data to unlock new revenue opportunities.   
Business scenarios for modern apps:  download the complete Microsoft whitepaper
The Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Team has published a whitepaper to provide a better understanding of how modern apps can help your organization.  Nine business challenge scenarios and their corresponding solutions are fully explored.   
You can download the complete white paper here

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