NBC Sports choose Azure Media Services once again

Over the past year, NBC Sports and Azure Media Services have partnered to deliver the successful and record breaking streaming of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The scale and performance of our streaming solution allowed for over 100 million viewers around the globe to stream the Olympics and also set some records at the time, with roughly 2.1 million concurrent HD views during the U.S. vs. Canada hockey match. Azure Media Services offers ready-to-use services to encode, store and stream live and on-demand video to any connected device anywhere. And with online content viewership on the rise, super bowl is another exciting example of how partners like NBC Sports are using the power and flexibility of Azure to provide more choice to customers.


Latest updates from Azure Media Services

-Content Protection

General Availability of Azure Media Services Content Protection (AES and DRM) service is announced. Content protection service enables you to secure your Video-on-demand or live stream content with AES or Microsoft PlayReady. We believe content security is a key building block towards monetization of video. As outlined in a recent blog post, piracy is one of the “biggest competitors” for video content distributors and providers. With options to deliver your content using industry standard protection, we hope to help our customers be successful in secure delivery of their content.

-Java SDK for Azure Media Services

Now you can download and install the SDK for developing with Azure Media Services from Java developer center for Azure. This will enable you to develop Java applications that can consume Azure Media Services content. Below is an introductory sample for initialization with Java. To get the full code sample, and a deeper dive on how to start developing with Java, click here.

// Initialize the server context to get programmatic access to the Media Services programming objects.
    // The media services URI, OAuth URI and scope can be used exactly as shown.
    // Substitute your media service account name and access key for the clientId and clientSecret variables.
    // You can obtain your media service account name and access key from the Media Services section
    // of the Azure Management portal, https://manage.windowsazure.com.
    private static void Init() throws ServiceException 
        String mediaServiceUri = "https://media.windows.net/API/";
        String oAuthUri = "https://wamsprodglobal001acs.accesscontrol.windows.net/v2/OAuth2-13";
        String clientId = "your_client_id";  // Use your media service account name.
        String clientSecret = "your_client_secret"; // Use your media service access key. 
        String scope = "urn:WindowsAzureMediaServices";

        // Specify the configuration values to use with the MediaContract object.
        Configuration configuration = MediaConfiguration
                .configureWithOAuthAuthentication(mediaServiceUri, oAuthUri, clientId, clientSecret, scope);

        // Create the MediaContract object using the specified configuration.
        mediaService = MediaService.create(configuration);



Follow here for more information about Azure Media Services.

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