Write Cross-Platform Hybrid Apps in Visual Studio with Apache Cordova

I like this blog post about Cordova.

We are pushing for advanced mobile experiences with the cross-platform framework Xamarin, but we should also consider the strong partnership that Microsoft is building with Cordova.
Cordova lets you use your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to create apps for Android, Amazon Fire, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Web browsers and more. Cordova gives you the cross-platform benefits of the Web without sacrificing functionality, offering an attractive path for entering the mobile app marketplace.

Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova go a long way to simplifying cross-platform Cordova development. Microsoft Open Technologies is a significant contributor to the Cordova project itself, and the Visual Studio Tools team is committed to making the experience even better.
I quote the blog post as I like how they are positioning Cordova versus Xamarin (framework sharing code and generating native apps and not HTML 5 compatible solutions)

"Cordova’s Sweet Spot: Developers generally realize that running HTML, CSS and JavaScript inside a Cordova app won’t always produce a truly native experience on every platform. Cordova apps, then, are ideal for highly branded experiences that needn’t conform to native UI patterns, and for enterprise apps where differentiation across platforms isn’t desired. Cordova is also an efficient means to quickly build production apps that test ideas in the marketplace, helping you understand where to make deeper business investments."


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