.NET Guidance for Modernizing LOB Apps

If you're modernizing your existing applications or creating new solutions from scratch, Microsoft provides your enterprise with essential tools needed for rapid development, ALM, and collaboration.

Today, technology use is in the midst of a shift toward multi-device experiences powered by services in the cloud. However, the next generation of device- and service-dependent applications is not emerging in isolation. These applications have to work with existing applications, unlocking their value to new audiences and new modes of interaction. The two patterns that every application developer now faces are:

  • Established application patterns: These are applications developed using technology patterns such as client/server or web applications optimized for desktop browsers. They act as foundational applications and are heavily centered in existing business processes.
  • Emerging application patterns: Patterns such as multi-devices and the cloud are emerging as technology enablers for new applications. They complement the established patterns by extending the applications to be centered on the end user.

Established and emerging application patterns

The .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications helps you overcome this challenging transformation process by providing a comprehensive reference to inform your technology decisions. It details:

  • The available technologies for evolving and modernizing business applications that are core to the business and based on established patterns, as well as the newest technologies available for .NET to extend these core applications into emerging patterns for devices and services.
  • The technology options available for both small/medium or large, mission critical applications. It includes the criteria for selecting the right technologies for every category depending on your needs.  It also details how to evolve and modernize .NET applications to embrace and extend modern business application principles more easily to meet the demands of users and the business.

Download the .NET Technology Guide for Business Apps at: http://www.microsoft.com/net/nettechnologyguidance#establishedpatterns



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