Microsoft Band: Building Custom Notifications


Since the launch of Microsoft Band, many people have stepped forward looking to create custom notifications on a device where the SDK has yet to launch.  Is there a way to receive a custom text like “Hello World” based on a feed from a local or remote app?

The answer is not only yes, it’s been tested already.  This a simple solution involving both Azure Mobile Services and a custom developed-app on any phone such as iOS, Android or Windows.  For our test we leveraged Windows Phone and built a custom app that simply takes in a text prompt from any data source (it could be from the app itself through a command line interface).  We wanted something a bit more sophisticated, and instead went with a remote PC with a Windows 8.1 app that pushed commands to a remote Windows phone via Azure Mobile Services.  The custom phone app would easily push these notifications to the Band. 

There is a minor caveat – Microsoft Band comes out-of-the-box with disabled push notifications, and simply requires a minor change on Windows Phone under settings. 

The application works great if you’re looking to build business solutions that push custom alerts, messages or reminders.


Comments (5)

  1. Mike Hole says:

    Hi the post is missing the image! Also I take it this is GDR1 specific as the Accessory Application API doesn't exist on phones that are pre GDR1?

  2. IsYet says:

    Did see an image here:

    Any chance that the source code will be made available? Would love to try this out.

  3. Jeff says:

    Any chance you'll post some source code examples?

  4. soheil says:

    Very good, thanks for sharing

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