Kinect Apps for Windows Store


Kinect continues to be a popular platform onto itself, going well beyond its grassroots origins as a gaming extension on XBox 360 and later XBox One.  Microsoft has just released a second SDK for Kinect 2….allowing developers to continue creating innovative Kinect apps this time for Windows store. 

The extension to Windows store brings unprecedented worldwide reach for all Kinect developers aspiring to make their innovative projects known more broadly. 

Among the hundreds of new features available with the Kinect 2, Unity support for 3D modeling, Fusion and the Face API are stand-out additions.  There’s also an adapter ($49.99) that allows developers opt for the Kinect 2 device that is bundled with the XBox One.

The original Kinect sensor democratized motion sensing back in 2010, spawning a myriad of creative applications ranging from healthcare to gaming to security.  The Kinect 2 sensor takes the process forward with more powerful gesture movement control and image processing. 

The Kinect 2 SDK can be download for free here, and works well with Visual Studio 2013. 


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  1. Dennis says: Cheaper, faster and multiplatform

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