Hand gestures to control Windows mouse cursor – Kinect for Windows

Did you know that Kinect for Windows for lets you control the Windows mouse cursor with your hands? It lets you interact naturally with your computer.



How the application works?

Cursor Moving
Just move your hand for controlling the cursor. The recognition of your hand is a bit insensitive when you are too close to the sensor. If the cursor is too much jumping, just go one or two steps back. When you start the application it takes a moment for the sensor to recognize your hand. Make sure that Kinect can see your face as well as your chest and both of your hands. Sometimes the initial recognition is better when you are waving.


Left Click
As Kinect recognizes the distance from your hand to the sensor, clicking is possible by moving your hand just a bit forward and then directly backwards (see picture below). Just make a little motion, the sensor should recognize that and executes the click on the position where the mouse cursor was, when you started the motion.


Double Click
Double clicking works the same way like normal clicking. The difference to a normal click is that you have to move your hand just a bit more forward and backward.

Right Click
For a right click the motion is quite similar to the motion for the left click. Use your left hand and move it just a bit backward and then directly forward (instead forward and backward as at the left click).
It’s important that you are working with your left hand when using right click, as there is an incompatibility with the distinction between right click and Drag & Drop.

Drag & Drop
Just move your right hand a bit back. This motion will execute a Mouse Down Event. Then you can move the cursor. When you move your hand back forward, the Mouse Up Event is executed. Drag & Drop ends at this point.


The application also gives you a history of your cursor clicks along with the x-y coordinates of the position of the click events.



You may download the application from http://www.futuretechblog.com/apps/KinectMouse.zip

To know more about Kinect for windows visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/    


Source: http://futuretechblog.com/?p=26

Comments (8)

  1. DK says:

    Hey can i get the source code plzz…..

  2. eddijz says:

    Hi! Great work, still it's not working on my pc. Did you use only Kinect SDK?

  3. Maclellan says:

    For some reason, the cursor will not move to the right edge of the screen. The right 1/3 of the screen to be precise.  Why wont it move over. I have tried moving the sensor around, but it will not work. I have also tried lowering my screen resolution…

  4. SeNS says:

    It's a partially working (can say – non-working) stupid student's sample. It's a shame to reference and advertise that junk…

  5. aoratos says:

    congrats. this is very nice work (and for the others with negative comments) Ihave to say that I do not see ther work someware so sssssssst.

  6. Zahid Hasan says:

    I am a developer and want to use this feature in one of my projects. can i get the source code if it is open source?

  7. Hanafi Hikari says:

    Hello! This program is working nice on my laptop. Now, I can play games like Cut The Rope using my Kinect. But I still don't familiar with the drag gesture and sometimes the detection is cut for a while. Hope you can fix that.. 🙂

  8. Abdus Sobur Sikdar says:

    Great Work!!

    Could I get the source code for this?

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