Great news for web developers! WebMatrix 3 is here.


So, what is WebMatrix 3?

WebMatrix 3 is the newest version of WebMatrix, which is an amazing web-development tool bundle. In the bundle are a Web server, database engines, various programming languages and more. Advised for developers using ASP.Net, PHP, Node.js and/or HTML5.

In addition to that, WebMatrix 3 integrates TFS (Team Foundation Service) which is a very useful tool when working in a team to build applications or websites. Below are more of the awesome features of WebMatrix 3.

- Seamless Remote Experience:

  • Hugely improved remote editing experience with great code completion and colorization for PHP, ASP.NET as well as Node.js. Support for TypeScript is now included.
  • Support for viewing and opening your Windows Azure remote websites in My Sites.
  • Support for provisioning remote websites in Windows Azure.

- Connected to the Cloud:

  • Deep linking integration for Windows Azure Management Portal to be easily able to manage your websites in Azure.
  • Improvements in Windows Azure Management Portal to be able to click the “WebMatrix” button on Windows Azure Websites to directly launch WebMatrix remote editing.
  • Support for signing into Windows Azure with Microsoft Account (formerly Live ID) and organizational or Office 365 IDs.

- Source Code Integration:

  • Git source control support for local and remote repositories.
  • TFS source control support for Team Foundation Service.

- Even lighter:

  • Streamlined installation to remove many unnecessary dependencies.
  • Faster WebMatrix app setup.

The steps to starting with WebMatrix 3 are:

  1. Download WebMatrix 3 from here
  2. Watch this video



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