Imagine Cup 2013 is here !!

Imagine Cup, I am pretty sure many of you would have heard about this competition which is organized and sponsored by Microsoft Corp every year, but for those who don’t here is a brief about it !


This competition brings together some of the brightest developers across the world to brainstorm over the challenge thrown at them: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems".

Imagine cup has various challenges. This year’s include:


      1. Games

    2. Innovation                                                                       

    3. Windows 8 App Challenge                                            

    4. Windows Phone

    5. Windows Azure

    6. Women’s Athletic App Challenge

    7. World Citizenship

This Competition is very challenging as the participants are expected to use the Microsoft technology to build their apps and gets quite exciting. They get a chance to showcase their talents first at their regional country finals and the team that wins here will get the chance at the worldwide finals in Russia. The worldwide finals is fancy and a very grand event, though I haven’t been to any but the pictures and the videos jus says it all. You should check them out!

My friends participated in Imagine Cup last year and they were one of the 5 regional finalist teams in UAE, and looking at them I thought Imagine Cup is not just about creating complex applications with technology (a.k.a. hours of coding) but about developing solutions to problems across the world. Their team Geeks Inc. built an app named “Cloud Scrubs” which is a cloud based solution that utilizes the Azure Platform and its multitude of features to extract full value of the data generated during healthcare process, gives a uniformity to all EHR systems that facilitates easy porting of data from one facility to another and hence enabling the patient to have easy access to his entire medical history and relate to it.

And this is what I loved about them and Imagine Cup, Innovative minds coming together and presenting a cool and amazing overview to face problems.

This year, the finals are going to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The regional (country) finals have started all over the world. A couple of weeks back, Microsoft Gulf announced their 8 teams which has qualified for the UAE finals.

The Imagine Cup UAE finals will be held at The Auditorium at Emirates Headquarters, from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on 28th March 2013.

Truly, I think it is an excellent opportunity for people to come, relax at this brilliant venue, eat good food, play with Kinect, have a good time and watch each of the 8 teams present their ideas.

If you haven’t registered already, click here.

Hope to see you guys there. 🙂

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