How I Convinced my Friend to buy a Windows Phone!


A constant dilemma for a technology consumer in this time is deciding what new gadget to buy. My roommate found herself in the same situation when she declared it was time she bought a new phone. I have been a Windows Phone 7 user for the past year and a half, and I loved the phone from the first day that I started using it. I may have had a biased judgment call, but the more you use the phone, the more you love its subtle yet powerfully useful features. Small tasks like, arranging all my contacts neatly, flawless sync of my calendar, were gradually gaining my love and I was slowly being converted into a Windows Phone addict. So now when my roommate started the "Great Phone Research", I couldn’t help but include the amazing new Lumia Series of Windows Phone 8.


My argument was simple, for a 22 year-old young professional, part of the technological era we are in now, this system packs everything she would need in one place. The Windows Phone provides an amazing "alive" environment for any IT professional to adapt and use instantly. It has beautiful integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so she can be connected to friends, family, and coworkers. It threads texts and Facebook chats, so she can keep all of her chats together.  It has the People, Me, and group hubs that will allow her to easily keep in touch with family and friends.  It has Office installed, so she can read her Excel sheets from work anywhere. It has Lync, which her company serendipitously uses.  Out of all of the currently released phones, it covers a more comprehensive list of everything that she needs or wants. And the bonus, she will have NFC, have dual core, a high-res screen and some helpful Windows Phone 8 apps like DEWA app (we always forget to check for our bills). There are over 100,000 apps published onto the Windows Phone marketplace! Nokia Maps is remarkable with its new Nokia Drive feature, and offline IMG_9987Maps (imagine all the money we save on Data!) The ultimate package for me is OneNote, SkyDrive and Cloud Sync. Making lists is a hobby we share and this feature is perfect for her. Like for me, I make a list of things to do while on the metro ride home, and once I'm home, the list is instantly updated on my Laptop and I can begin my tasks at home.                    

I could sense her warming up to the Windows Phone rather than the other competitors in the market, I decided to highlight a few more points, to drive my case home. As a developer I sense amazing benefits of this phone, which makes it a pleasure to both develop and use. The nice thing about Windows is, it always asks the user if they approve the action before implementing it, there is no illegal access to your personal details, GPS location and even your Data services, awesome isn't it?



For me, the biggest win on buying a Windows Phone has to be the Home Screen and Live Tiles. It is such an amazing functional feature of the system. All important messages on lock screen, push and toast notifications appear as a bar at the top of the screen, so it's your decision to open it or not! Imagine a scenario in a meeting, no more embarrassing unlocking of the phone, you just glance at your phone screen and you can decide to acknowledge the notification or simply leave it for later. The unnecessary hassle of unlocking the phone to check what the notification is, has been replaced with a more convenient and practical option. Now, Facebook allows you to customize your lock screen wallpaper from your Facebook albums! So you decide, friends on your screen or just yourself, and every time you unlock, you see a new image. Live Tiles bring the phone to life according to me, especially when you pin your favorite contacts to your home screen, you are constantly updated about them through the live tile. It's like the Dashboard to your life, with all the people and things you love, all in one place.

So, when the day to buy her phone finally arrives and she sees the variety of colors and amazing accessories that the Lumia series has to offer apart from the wonderfully power packed phone, we clearly had a winner. ( I guess having a wireless charger option, also helps a bit ).



The purpose of the article was just to share my experience and now my friend's experience, of the Windows Phone. You can make up your minds for yourselves, but it’s hard not to see that a phone like the Windows Phone 8 not only offers exactly what any smartphone today can, but also has many more features not available on any other phone.

And that is how, I convinced my friend to buy a Windows Phone, and I assure you, she has no regrets!

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  1. R 1506 says:

    Got me convinced! 😛

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