Understanding IntelliTrace in Visual Studio

IntelliTrace debugging is like watching a video of the stage play. You can fast-forward past the boring parts and rewind if you missed something. The one thing you can’t do is change what is happening since it has already happened in the past. You give up controlling the actors in favor of controlling the timeline. In fact, IntelliTrace was originally called “Historical Debugging” when we introduced it.

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Zain has a very interesting series of articles around IntelliTrace

  • Understanding IntelliTrace Part I: What the @#$% is IntelliTrace? 
  • Understanding IntelliTrace Part II: Where Do I Use IntelliTrace?
  • Hereunder some additional Resources too:

  • Debug Your App by Recording Code Execution with IntelliTrace
  • [Video] Advanced IntelliTrace in Production with Visual Studio 2012
  • [Video] Collecting IntelliTrace Data in Production
  • [Arabic Video] Debugging with IntelliTrace using VS2012 Ultimate
  • [Arabic Video] Diagnosing Issues in Production with IntelliTrace and VS2012
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