Microsoft Named UAE’s Greatest Place To Work 2013


As a Microsoft UAE employee for the past three and half years, I am proud to share that Microsoft UAE has won first place on Great Place to Work Institute UAE’s annual list.  This is actually the third year in a row that Microsoft has been recognized, with first place again in 2010 and second place in 2011. 

Not only has Microsoft UAE been voted best place to work, it has also been recognized for being the countries, “Top Companies for the Millennial Generation” and “Top Companies for Women.”

You can read the full report from Great Place To Work Institute, here, or watch the coverage on Emirates 24/7, here (coverage starts at 08:00) to learn about all the details, but I would personally like to share why I love working at Microsoft:

Flexible Work Life.  Working at Microsoft provides me with the ultimate flexibility.  While I write this post, I am sitting on my couch at home.  As an employee, I am allowed to work from anywhere – the office, home, a café or even a different country!  It would of course not be possible without technology, Microsoft Lync allows me to call or video conference with my colleagues and even present to them without physically being present. 

People and Passion.  While it’s great to work from home every once in a while, I absolutely love going into the office.  Picture yourself in a room with some of the brightest and most innovative people in the industry, then fuel that with complete and utter passion.  The outcome is inspiring.  Every day I go to work, I have fun and I know that I am working with an incredible group of professionals.

Empowerment.  One of my favorite things about the corporate culture at Microsoft is that I am entrusted to make decisions about my business, to challenge other ideas and propose new ones.  The trust and the belief that Microsoft has in its employees is simply not found at other companies, as an employee it builds your confidence and is truly empowering.

A Cool Place.  To put it simply, Microsoft is just a cool place to be.  With the constant innovations in technology, the billions of dollars invested in Research & Development, our recent releases such as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the outstanding Kinect (to name a few), have been amazing and it is so cool to be on the forefront of innovation. 


So there you have it, just a few points about why I love working at Microsoft UAE.  Check out the links above to hear what the professionals have to say about it.



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  1. Amin Islam says:

    Great concise insight into life at Microsoft UAE – I'm sure this will help lot's of individuals considering to work for Microsoft Dubai – thanks!

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