Make Sure You Try Something On Before Buying It!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually go to the store and buy something without trying it on first! 

Check out the TechNet Evaluation Center and gain access to a wealth of the newly released Microsoft products at your fingertips!  These are only trial versions and will eventually expire (usually after 90 days), but you’ll be glad you tried them because you can then make more informed decisions about whether you want to buy them. 

At Microsoft, we appreciate listening to your feedback and hearing about your experience with our products.  Once you try a software download, you’ll be able to share your thoughts with us and who knows, maybe influence the next release and put your mark on history!  (That would be nice.)

So, you won’t know what’s in store unless you try yourself, here’s a mile high view of what to expect at the TechNet Evaluation Center, but you won’t know it all until you check it out yourself.


Windows Operating Systems in Release

Office Products in Release
Office Products in Pre-Release
Server Products and Technologies in Release
System Center Products in Release
Cloud in Release
Forefront Products in Release


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