Thomas Suarez, a 12 year old app developer

Where do you go to learn about designing games? Programming? Creating apps? Thomas Suarez, a self-taught teenaged developer, has used trial and error to help him create his apps like “Bustin Jeiber” (a whack-a-mole game) and “Earth Fortune.” Now he wants to help other kids learn how to do that by starting an App Club in his school. Below is a presentation that the 12-year old Thomas had given at TEDx and I think we can all learn something from him.


At Microsoft we have various programs for students that they can use to help develop their personal and technical skills. For more information check out:

Let us know, using the comment field below, if you have a .NET club at your school and what Windows 8 or Windows Phone apps you are building!


Comments (2)

  1. heet patel says:

    we also want to joint to your app club and know how to create games and apps please take me to your app club . A request from a indian boy.

  2. windows phone says:

    Apparently, 12 year olds are incapable of developing apps for windows phone. I wonder what this says about 12 year olds, or windows phone.

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