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Team Foundation Service is a new way for teams who care about rapid software delivery to plan and manage projects. And for teams up to 5 developers, it's free.

Writing code is fun, but managing development can be complicated. Do you keep your code under version control? Where do you keep track of bugs and new features? How do you keep your team on the same page? Now you can utilize Team Foundation Service to do all these things today, with zero additional infrastructure.
Stop standing up servers. Stop installing and configuring multiple pieces of software to support your development process. With
Team Foundation Service, you get an easy-to-use and easy-to-administer cloud-based solution that handles the critical elements of application lifecycle management, such as version control, agile planning and automated builds. Now available for development teams worldwide, Team Foundation Service benefits include:

Accessible from anywhere, using existing and familiar tools.

Plan projects, collaborate with your team, and manage your code online from anywhere using any modern web browser. Works with all editions of Visual Studio 2012 (even Express!), as well as Eclipse and other tools (by using our command line client).

Get started quickly, with no infrastructure to manage.

Go from "sign up" to your first project in minutes, and set up a Continuous Integration (CI) build in a few easy steps. Your source code and work items are stored in the cloud, making server configuration a thing of the past.

All languages and platforms welcome.

From C# to Python, from Windows to Android, you can use a variety of languages and target a variety of platforms. Our services are designed to help you focus on what you do best—building great apps.

Get started today by signing up for your free account!

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