Good news for game developers! Unity3D & Unreal game engines coming to Windows 8!

Two of the best game engines are coming very soon to Windows 8. When you heard “the best game engines”, you probably guessed it right, “Unity3D” & “Unreal” game engines.

For game developers that means two things. Game developers will be able to port their games from other platforms to Windows 8 (theoretically you will not need to change one single line of code). Also game developers will be able to use the easy to use tools and IDE to build full games right away, skipping the hard details and focus on the logic & the story of the game!

For users, expect to see a lot of high quality, graphics-intensive games on your Windows 8 devices, games like “Gear of Wars”, “Infinity Blade” and others. 
Unreal Engine is already out and downloadable through “Unreal Developer Network”. Unity3D will be out soon, stay tuned!

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