Check out the *new* Windows Phone Dev Center: Cleaner, better reporting, PayPal support and more!

Attempting to make it easier for developers to design, build and manage apps within its Windows Phone ecosystem, Microsoft has pushed live its new Windows Phone Dev Center, picking up from the now redundant App Hub developer portal and offering a whole host of new features and tools.

Alongside the launch of the new Dev Center, developers will soon be able to register their apps in four times as many countries (now totalling over 178 markets) and will be able to publish (191 markets) and get paid in three times as many regions (115 markets) as is possible today.

Other registration and payout improvements include the submission of digital tax forms for paid apps, the ability to tie in pubCenter accounts to create ad-funded apps, register using PayPal (in select markets) and the ability to share details between Windows Phone and Windows 8 accounts.

If you have a YallaApps account already, reach out to us for guidance on how to migrate to App Hub!

Visit the Dev Center:

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