Imagine Cup 2012 Teams from Gulf

The World Wide Finals for Imagine Cup 2012 are just around the corner, and this year we have one team from each country in the Gulf. Teams from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE will represent their countries in Sydney, Australia and compete head to head in the World Wide Finals.

They are:

From Bahrain, FutureTorch Team developed a project called “LIGHTS” which is a system that will control the way the lights on the highways operate using sensors that will detect motion and objects at a certain grid; and will switch the LED Street Lamp Lights on when needed, and off when not.The System consists of sensors embedded in the lamp posts that are in charge of activating the lights of a specific grid it is assigned to. This system is designed to save the energy wasted on lighting the streets while it is not needed.

From Kuwait, The Code Breakers created a system called The Universal Sign System. This Kinect-based application recognizes sign language and synthesizes it into a human voice. This would allow easy spoken conversations for those who need to communicate with sign language.

From Oman, Team Grawesome put together a system called "Blood it": is a system that monitors the blood units of in the blood bank, when it gets below a critical point or there is an emergency situation. A GPS system will allocate nearest donors of that blood group, then the system automatically sends an SMS and wait for the confirmation. The system is used to maintain the blood levels in the blood banks.

From Qatar, Technology Lanterns have created hats for visually impaired/blind people. Their solution combines hardware and sfotware (using AR, kinect and 3d Audio) to create a hat that helps blind people.

From United Arab Emirates, Team RevolUtion put together The reutilizar solution that aims to traffic all biofuel raw materials from all corners of a city to biofuel plants. This is done by making use of web and mobile apps while integrating social networking to give users a complete experience.

Teams, we wish you all the best in Sydney!

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