Waha Store Profile Pic Competition is Live!

Waha Store has great news for you! Visit Waha Store Profile Pic App now and create your Windows Phone avatar and get a chance to WIN a Nokia Lumia 800 and many more prizes.

Great prizes are waiting for you, choose yours now:

1- Create your custom Windows Phone avatar by using Waha Store Profile Pic App.

2- Change your Facebook profile picture to your new Windows Phone avatar for the period specified below.

3- Get a chance to win weekly prizes and enter the draw for the Grand Prize.

First draw will start on June 8th! Create your Windows Phone now and don't miss the chance to get the first week's prizes.

Follow us on the social media and don’t miss the news and updates related to Windows Phone:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/wahastore

Twitter – www.twitter.com/wahastore

YouTube- www.youtube.com/wahastore

For limited time the delivery fee is free! Visit www.wahastore.com to get your Windows Phone now!

Comments (7)

  1. sabeena alnuhasi says:

    wow…..thankyou WAHA STORE for this amazing competition…really excited..InshaAllah hope to win…

  2. sabeena alnuhasi says:

    4 is always my lucky number.i got married on 4 th.of 4th month in 2004.a 4th son in a family.I was chosen as best fan on 44 th number and great many..thas sounds ssssssoooooo goood…so InshaAllah hope to be lucky on Draw 4..

  3. Merin Teresa Francis says:

    i sure hope i win , i have been trying to win a Nokia phone for a very long time now! 🙂 so thank yu for this amazing competition!

  4. Sabeena Alnuhasi says:

    4 more days to go for the first draw……..Good Luck to all…Good Day WAHA STORE..

  5. Hussain Kamran says:

    Very Excited…. Best of luck Waha Store……Hope 2 win…..

  6. Mohammed Shafeeq says:

    I have made my profile using windows phone avatar….did in a creative way BY PASSING A MESSAGE THAT "EVERYTHING WE DSIRE AVAILABLE AT WINDOWS PHONE"…hope to win the grand prize….InshaAllah..

  7. mohammed shafeeq says:

    Thankyou WAHA STORE  for this wonderful cute competition…

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