Windows 8 Release Preview & Some Resources For You!


Another milestone in the Windows 8 release roadmap is here, the Release Preview version of Windows 8.  Download it now and try it out, here.

Here is what some people are saying about Windows 8 and some great resources for you:

  • Get the tools you need and some great tutorials on how to build your first Windows 8 apps, here.
  • Check out the Windows 8 code samples to help you out, here.
  • Check out the Windows 8 App Developer Blog, here.
  • Get answers to your questions on the Developer Forum, here.
  • Read about the Windows 8 Product Guide, here.
  • Hear directly from the team the engineered Windows 8, here.
  • Some tips and tricks on navigating Windows 8, here.

Looking forward to continuing the journey with you and the next milestone in this great product release!

Developers – happy coding!  Everyone else – enjoy!


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