World-class Customer Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management has become a necessity for any business looking to maximize efficiency of their marketing, sales and customer service operations.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM business software is designed to give people the right tools to make them more productive and equip organizations for success.  The powerful set of CRM capabilities are set within the natural and familiar Microsoft Outlook client, so users can be productive right away with minimal training:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a choice of on-premises, on-demand, and partner-hosted solutions based on the same architecture and code base so businesses can select the best model for their organization. Organizations can also access Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Outlook, a web browser, or any Internet-enabled mobile device.


When considering factors that affect total cost of ownership (TCO) —such as licensing, services, training, deployment, administration, and maintenance—Microsoft Dynamics CRM is regarded by many customers and industry analysts as one of the best values in the industry. Organizations like Mitsubishi-Caterpillar, ISS, VisionShare, and Equinox have won awards for their successful CRM implementations and the value they derived from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For more information on these customer examples and others, go to


Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users with a range of insightful business intelligence capabilities including real-time dashboards, inline data visualization, flexible reports, and in-depth analytics, so organizations can identify key trends and track key performance metrics.


It also incorporates many powerful capabilities from Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint® Server, Microsoft Lync™, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and other leading solutions so businesses can maximize their Microsoft investment and increase their productivity.


Of course we all know that successful businesses are learning how to engage with social networks to better connect with existing and potential customers.  Now Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a Social Networking Accelerator, which allows users to discover online conversations, identify influential people, and engage with them on social networking sites.


Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM:



The top reasons organizations choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create world-class customer experiences include the following:

 Leadership

 Value

 Familiarity

 Choice

 Flexibility

 Global

 Insight

 Partners

 Solutions

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  1. Priyanka says:

    How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM take care of security of data? Integration of such important data of customers within the mail client. Yes it is very alluring, but is it safe??

  2. Krishan Kaushal says:

    All the input data is encrypted making it highly safe for corporates & other users. Moreover the Admin account holder can assign rights like read only or write only to it's users.…/new-memory-chip-developed.html

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