Official: Final lineup of Visual Studio 11 editions and hardware/software requirements

Edition lineup

The Visual Studio 11 product family will include professional development and ALM tools including:

  • Visual Studio Professional,
  • Visual Studio Premium,
  • Visual Studio Ultimate,
  • Visual Studio Test Professional,
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and

friction free tooling to support development on the latest Microsoft platforms

  • Visual Studio Express for Windows 8,
  • Visual Studio Express for Web,
  • Visual Studio Express for Phone and
  • Team Foundation Server Express.

As previously disclosed with the beta release on February 29, Visual Studio 11 Express SKUs are optimized for specific Microsoft platforms including Express for Web, Express for Windows 8, and the upcoming Express for Windows Phone, each supporting multiple programming languages. For example, the Express edition for Windows 8 allows developers to use C#, VB.NET, C++ and JavaScript for writing Metro style applications. Each of the Express editions provides a comprehensive and simple solution for developers interested in the opportunity of the latest Microsoft platforms to quickly and easily build apps in their preferred language. Given this extended platform capabilities included in the Express editions, their broad language support, and in order to maintain their simplicity and ease of use, separated language versions of Visual Studio Express will not be available in the next version of the product.
Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch inclusion in Visual Studio product lineup
Launched last year as an out-of-band release, LightSwitch now joins the Visual Studio product line. With this integration, LightSwitch will be available through Visual Studio 11 Professional, Premium and Ultimate. Aligned with this release, LightSwitch will have a more advanced set of development tools, providing a comprehensive solution for developers of all skill levels to build line-of-business applications quickly and easily for the desktop and cloud

System Requirements and Platform Support
Visual Studio 11 includes a new refreshed IDE with core enhancements that make it faster and simpler to use. Developers will be able to enjoy the enhanced performance and simplicity without any additional hardware requirement. Some of these core enhancements make use of capabilities that are only present in the latest versions of Windows. For this reason Visual Studio 11 requires Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.
Applications developed with Visual Studio 11 will take advantage of the latest platforms capabilities. Both native and managed applications can leverage additional improvements that rely on specific platform optimizations for Windows Vista and higher. Visual Studio 11 can also target earlier platforms such as Windows XP. Developers can use Visual Studio 11 multi-targeting capability to modernize their existing applications or build new applications that execute on earlier versions of Windows while leveraging the enhanced development tools, quality enablement and team collaboration capabilities in Visual Studio 11.

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    Wait… does this mean that it will not be possible to develop WinForms/WPF applications with Visual Studio 11 Express?

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