The Windows Phone 7 Student Hackathon… Are you up for the challenge?

Microsoft Gulf presents the Windows Phone 7 Student Hackathon...

The Windows Phone 7 is set to make an impact in the Gulf pretty soon, and this is your chance to make a mark as a developer for the Gulf.

To encourage all the young and talented aspiring developers, Microsoft is proud to host a Windows Phone 7 Mobile App competition.

The deadlines for this competition are:

1) May 21st 2012 : Final Date to submit your Apps to Yalla Apps.

2) June 15th 2012: FInal Date to publish the App to the Marketplace

Prizes will be given for 2 categories:

a) The most number of Apps published by an individual/team.

b) The best App submitted by an individual/team.


The hackathon is to be held on May 5th 2012, Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm in the Gem Seminar Room of the Microsoft Gulf Office, Dubai Internet City.

In these 9 hours, we will provide you will all the help and support you can get for your apps. Expert mobile App developers will be around to guide you with your app. There will be entertainment, food and a great chance to meet talented developers from other Universities.

So dont miss this opportunity to get all the help possible to make your App a winning App in the Mobile App development competition... You can register at the Eventbrite page by clicking this link.

(Note that this competition is open only to students from schools or colleges/universities within the UAE.)

The Referal Code for this Competition is: WP7_students_UAE

Remember to submit this referal code when you submit your Apps via Yalla Apps.

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