Windows Server 8 is now officially Windows Server 2012 …


Windows Server “8” is now named “Windows Server 2012”

There is a huge buzz among the MMS attendees and in the media. Here are some examples from media.

Windows Server 8 is Now Officially Windows Server 2012

Meanwhile, at MMS, Microsoft’s Anderson said IT organizations that use System Center 2012 and Windows Server with Hyper-V for cloud computing are helping their companies move faster, save money and compete better. For example, EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services, a luxury car service headquartered in New Jersey, has used a Microsoft private cloud to reduce data center costs by 50 percent, amid 30 percent company growth during the past 18 months. With more than 1,000 employees, EmpireCLS relies on the Microsoft private cloud to deliver a reliable reservation system to customers in more than 700 cities around the world. Using System Center 2012, EmpireCLS also used its cloud environment to create a new business with its BeTransported software as a service (SaaS) offering. The application is now in use broadly within the car service industry.

On Network World:

Your move, VMware: Windows Server '8' Becomes Windows Server 2012

During the keynote, Woolsey added 270GB to his storage pool while the server was up and running live and no reboot was required.

Hyper-V for Server 2012 will support up to a full terabyte of memory per virtual machine, up to 64 terabytes of virtual storage per virtual disk, and up to 64 nodes and 4,000 virtual machines in a cluster.

For those of you keeping score, VMware’s VSphere supports up to 1TB of memory, 32 virtual CPUs, and up to 2TB of virtual storage, minus 512 bytes.

Live migration in Windows Server 2012 has been enhanced to support live migration of a virtual machine between two servers or between two separate clusters using nothing but an Ethernet cable.

Windows Server 2012 also addresses problems with network multitenancy, where multiple clouds, groups and companies share the same fabric but need to be isolated on the fabric. Network virtualization in Windows Server 2012 allows subnets to be shared using the same IP address range, but all on the same fabric, Woolsey said.

Your move, VMware.


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  1. Can someone please be kind enough to tell me the RTM date for Windows Server 2012.



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    both are same in the sense, what is the need of  Windows Server 2012, we can use Windows 8……

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