Waha Store – Your Windows Phone Oasis is live in UAE!

 It is a pleasure to announce that Waha Store is live in UAE!




Waha Store is the first of its kind e-commerce website in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is solely dedicated to Windows Phones. With the collaboration of Brightpoint Middle East and Microsoft Middle East & Africa, Waha Store makes Windows Phone devices available to all customers in the region. Shopping at wahastore.com means shopping at your fingertips without leaving your home. You don’t need to go to the stores to compare various models or watch the demo to get a good understanding of the product range and features; you can do all and much more in Waha Store!


Waha, which means “oasis” in Arabic, provides all consumers a convenient, reliable and centralized destination to purchase the latest sleek form factors from a variety of manufacturers of Windows Phone devices. The products are subject to the product warranty offered by the manufacturer. Your new Windows Phone is delivered to your door step!


Waha Store boasts many user-friendly features that optimize browsing and shopping for visitors. As Waha Store user interface mirrors the Windows Phone experience, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the operating system. The site’s integrated social media platform brings people allowing them to share their activities with friends, family and colleagues.


www.wahastore.com is currently available in UAE and we are going to add the other countries in the region one by one in the following weeks. Stay tuned for the new Windows Phone models as well!


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Facebook – www.facebook.com/wahastore

Twitter – www.twitter.com/wahastore

YouTube- www.youtube.com/wahastore


For limited time the delivery fee is free! Visit www.wahastore.com to get your Windows Phone now!

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