Conduit Streamlines Windows Phone App Development

imageConduit Mobile enables content owners to move their content to Window Phone apps quickly, simply, and at no cost. Furthermore, Conduit Mobile empowers content owners to maintain, promote and analyze their Windows Phone apps, all from one web interface control panel. Conduit also enables submission of Windows Phone apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace, enabling content owners to reach even farther, exposing their apps to a global audience. The next phase of the platform will include a more streamlined, seamless wizard-based submission process and further integration with the app creation platform.

“The Conduit solution grants anyone the ability to create a Windows Phone app – even if they don’t have a technical background or coding knowledge,” said Ori Lavie, VP Mobile Strategy in Conduit. “Conduit believes in enabling content owners to engage with their target audience over all web and mobile platforms. Working with Microsoft enables us to offer even more options to content owners using our platform. We believe that our joint efforts with Microsoft will rapidly grow the quantity and quality of Windows Phone apps in the Marketplace,” he concluded.

“Microsoft constantly strives to expand the number and quality of applications available to Window Phone users,” said Oran Dror, Senior Director responsible for Operator Channels in Middle East and Africa. “Microsoft and Conduit invite users and businesses worldwide to share their content in the Windows Phone Marketplace. There they can enjoy exposure to a growing number of global users - especially in light of the recent Windows Phone 7.5 launch with Nokia and other partners in a number of countries. The current cooperation between Microsoft and Conduit in developing applications for Conduit Mobile makes app development accessible to everyone, and thus enables any content owner to share their app in local and global markets,” he concluded.


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