Start Something! Start Developing!


Why don’t you start something?  With the variety of platforms we have available for you today, there are endless opportunities.

Develop on Windows 8 | at the new Windows Dev Center, you can develop Metro style apps, Desktop apps, build the web the way you want with IE, and learn HTML5.

Develop for the Web | Learn how to create your first website with Web Matrix – a free web development tool that includes everything you need to start from scratch – even with no prior experience!

Develop for the Cloud | You keep hearing about Cloud and want to know what it’s all about and how you can jump in – well why not take a few minutes to learn about the fundamentals of cloud development and learn how you can build and deploy applications into the cloud?

Develop for Windows Phone | Download the free tools, get the RTW SDK, develop applications for Mango, life is a whole lot more creative and fun when you can think up ways to make your life easier with a WP7 application!

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