Cool New Windows Phone App on Yalla Apps:Talking Translator

The other day I met a young and bright developer who is addicted to Windows Phone, so much so carries two in his pocket! Tareq Atiek, a former Microsoft Jordan intern that has relocated to Dubai has shared with us a whole collection of apps that he has developed in a matter of hours.  All of them impressive, I really enjoyed the Talking Translator App which you can see below.  Super cool, enjoy and check out Yalla Apps for your very own download!  

The Talking Translator App for Windows Phone 7

Now with this new version of Talking Translator, using the image to text engine, you can take a picture of a text book, and translate it directly, with no need to type at all!! You can translate words and sentences between 52 languages! This application also provides a speech engine, so you can listen and learn the pronunciation. Rotate the phone so you can read the translated text in bigger font. Also you can translate from and to Arabic language using the Arabic keyboard!!"

Main Features:

1- Translate between 52 languages (currently the only one in the market that supports Arabic, writing and reading)

2- Speech service, that can read text out loud.

3- Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which converts images taken by camera and translates it directly.






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