Attention Students in the Gulf – Microsoft Student Partners :)

Attention all students in the are invited you to be part of the Microsoft family 🙂  Microsoft Student Partners are being selected now!

Microsoft Student Partners in the Gulf are an elite group of university-level students in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman who are selected as technology leaders and Microsoft representatives at their university for one academic year.

Applicants do not need to have technology-related major, but must have a true passion for technology with an ability to lead, communicate and advocate!  This year’s program will be even more active and full of fun activities with XBOX/KINECT, WP7 and other exciting new games and devices! 

MSPs get access to the latest Microsoft tools, technologies and training, while gaining valuable experience for their future careers. They will also enjoy the benefits of being part of a truly global program that
includes students from over 100 countries!

This year’s program has the additional benefits of even more fun events, gaming tournaments, the Microsoft Gulf career coaching program, and exposure on our new MS Gulf Community site.  Each MSP will have their personal biography featured on this technical community site.  Click here to see the specific page where your MSP bio would be listed!


MSP Benefits

-        Mentor Program and Career Coaching with Microsoft staff.

-        Access to personal development and training sessions.

-        Personal bio featured on Microsoft Gulf Technical Community site.

-        Network with professionals and industry Experts. 

-        Obtain a free Ultimate MSDN® Subscription, valued at over $7,000 USD! 

-        Opportunity to connect with more than 2,500 MSPs around the world.

-        Gain prestige on your campus as a leader in technology. 

-        Participate in world-class events such as Imagine Cup and gaming tournaments!

-        Opportunity to win rewards and give-a-ways such as Windows Phone 7 and KINECT! 



Reach out to Students On Campus. As an MSP, you will work in partnership with Microsoft and other MSPs in the region to reach out to technical students.  Students should spread the word about topics such as DreamSpark, the Imagine Cup Competition, the benefits of becoming an MSP and more!

Host Technology Events.  MSPs host events on their University campus and invite other students to attend.  Each MSP is
expected to host 4 activities per academic year, such as training sessions on
new technology, installation festivals and Imagine Cup launch events.

Contribute to the Online Conversation. MSPs contribute to the blogosphere, Twitter and Facebook conversation about the best technologies and gadgets in the market.    


How to Apply

Submit the Application Form.  Download and submit the application from the MSP website.  Spend some time completing the application form with thoughtful, quality content that highlights why you would be a good fit for this prestigious role.

Create and Submit Video.  In order to be selected as an MSP, students should be true leaders who can clearly articulate their passion for technology.  To apply for MSP status, students are required to create a video to answer the question, “Why I should be selected as a Microsoft Student Partner?”  Videos can be posted on any platform (personal blog/website, SkyDrive, YouTube, Facebook, etc) or submit directly

Send your completed application form and video to:



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